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What is Manual Lymph Drainage?

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Manual lymph drainage (MLD) is a gentle, precise and non-invasive technique proven to be an effective method for promoting lymphatic flow in the body. The skin is stretched with a hands-on technique that encourages lymph drainage from the tissues. MLD can assist with conditions such as acute and chronic lymphedema, lipedema, bruising and swelling after surgery. Because MLD has a calming effect, it can help facilitate an overall sense of well-being.

MLD For Lymphatic Conditions

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Lymphedema is swelling that results from an interruption in the workings of the lymph system. Lymphedema may be acute or chronic. Acute lymphedema is short in duration and occurs after a sprain, strain, bruise, surgery, or other physical trauma. Lymphedema is considered chronic when swelling persists over six months. Lymphedema can also occur in children. There are two types of lymphedema—primary and secondary.

MLD For Health and Well-Being

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Manual lymph drainage is a gentle, slow, rhythmic technique that can help lower blood pressure and heart rate by suppressing the Sympathetic Nervous System (the part of the Central Nervous System that initiates the fight-or-flight reaction to stress). The measured rhythm of MLD promotes relaxation and a feeling of well-being that facilitates restfulness and healing. Often, patients doze off in the first few minutes of treatment.


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